Free Review System

Our Consumer Review System is designed to make collecting reviews simple and managing them fast.

Our review system is free to use.

An overview of the main features:

Collect reviews anywhere

Safe.Shop allows you to collect reviews from all your websites in many different ways. On Safe.Shop, via email but also directly on your own website. You do not have to ask your customer to leave your site!


Easy to check, search & filter reviews

Our system allows you to quickly check reviews. You can also search and filter reviews based on all main attributes (online store name, customer name, order and customer IDs, date range and more).


Customized alerts

Receive warnings for new reviews in the way you want to. Once per day, per week, for all reviews or only negative ones. You are in control.


Send individual & bulk invitations

Safe.Shop offers you the option to send individual invitations to leave a review. You can also, personalize this for bulk invitations by uploading an excel sheet with your customer name, email address and, if you like, order ID and more.


API and 15+ Ecommerce Platforms

Our Safe.Shop API allows you to connect your store directly to Safe.Shop with your bespoke ecommerce system, allowing you to send a review invitation automatically after each other. We also support 15+ Ecommerce Platforms for plug & play integration.


Extensive personalization

We are continously expanding ways in which you can further personalize your review invitation process.  For example, you can adjust the time-delay in sending a review to a customer, making sure those consumers who have longer or shorter delivery times will receive a invite at just the right moment.


Request mediation

If you feel you need a helping hand with a complaint, you are never alone with our online mediation service*. When a review requires our expertise, you can let us know with just the click of a button. 


Respond quickly to reviews

Through our simple-to-use dashboard, you can send a public reply to the customer behind a review, whilst having the option to send this reply directly to consumer's email as well. This increases the chance of resolving any issues, and convincing users to raise their score!


Negative reviews are delayed for 7 days

Negative reviews are part of life. However, with our system you can try and resolve them before it ever becomes a problem! You have a full week to respond to the complaint and try and solve the issue.

So when it does go live, you can make sure you have a reply ready, and hopefully have fully resolved the issue already. If however the complaint is fraudulent or offensive, you can report it and have it removed before it does harm to your business.


Support for multiple languages

As an online business your customers can come from anywhere. Therefore we have implemented over 10 different languages for your consumer review invite. By localizing your message, you can maximise the likelihood of receiving a response.


And much, much more...

We are continously expanding the number of features. If you feel like we are missing one, please feel free to contact us.  

*Available with our Silver Tier and above.

From Belgium to China

''We started in the Netherlands, expanded to Belgium and Germany and now also sell in China. Ecommerce is becoming global, faster than we think. A global trustmark belongs to global expansion.''

- GeertJan Smits, Managing Director Flinders

Expand with Safe.Shop

''Although our brands are global, consumers do not always know they can also buy our brands directly. I believe Safe.Shop can help the consumer make the last small step.''

- Carlo Klaasse, Ecommerce Manager Branded

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