What is Safe.Shop?

The Safe.Shop trustmark has been created for you. Safe.Shop allows you to shop online with confidence around the world. We certify online shops according to the Global Code of Conduct which means that you know exactly what your rights are when you see the Safe.Shop trustmark. 

Found yourself on a store you haven’t visited before? Check how safe it is on Safe.Shop before making a purchase. In case of a dispute, please feel free to file a complaint. We will intermediate between you and the online store to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

We help you shop online with trust

Find reliable shops
Get the best products
Support by conflicts

Shop with confidence

''The Safe.Shop trust mark helps me to shop online across the border with confidence.''

- Prof. Dr. Luzi Abraham

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Report logo misuse

Have you seen a website carrying the Safe.Shop logo which is not shown on our Certified Shop list? Then please report this misuse of the trustmark.

Report logo misuse

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