Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Safe.Shop?

Safe.Shop has been initiatied by the Ecommerce Foundation to foster and promote global digital trade by making it easier for consumers and merchants to shop and sell online cross-border.

How can I file a complaint?

You can file a complaint using our complaint form. We strife to answer your complaint within one working day. 

How can I verify webshops?

In order to verify an online shop and check how trustworthy it is, you can simply go to our 'Search Shops' page.

Who determines the Global Code of Conduct?

The Ecommerce Foundation maintains the Global Code of Conduct. The code is improved on an annual basis to keep up-to-date with new social, technology and legal developments. 

What is the Safe.Shop script tracking?

We do not measure consumers behaviour and we do not store your data. The script is used to prevent misuse of our logo and so that we can easily remove the logo from an online shop who is no longer compliant to the Global Code of Conduct.  

Safe.Shop is a necessity

''I think a global trustmark for worldwide safe shopping is a necessity because buying through the internet is really taking off. It will ensure me as a consumer that - independent of what country I buy in - a trustworthy local party will support me when things go wrong with a seller in a country far away and that is a very comforting thought.''

- Martine de Bie

Report logo misuse

Have you seen a website carrying the Safe.Shop logo which is not shown on our Certified Shop list? Then please report this misuse of the trustmark.

Report logo misuse

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