Safe.Shop: increasing your online sales

How we help you:

Increase Conversion & Order Size


Safe.Shop's trustmark and Consumer Review System Badge helps you increase consumer trust and, as a result, increases both your conversion ratio as well as order size. Want proof? Check out how HobbyGigant increased sales by 23%.


We also offer additional ways to boost consumer confidence like our Online Security Badge, Genuine Product Guarantee and Climate Neutral Delivery Badge. 

Reduce Costs & Lower Risks


With clear consumer guarantees and legal document templates we help you prevent conflicts with consumers.


We also help you become legally compliant with our EU Compliance Badge and certification according to specific national laws.


And if needed, we offer online dispute resolution to prevent negative social media coverage or additional legal costs.

Grow Your Business Locally & Globally


Safe.Shop allows you not only to grow nationally but also internationally. Safe.Shop is offered in more than 30+ countries, helping you to expand your online shop worldwide. Certification country by country is no longer necessary!


We support your growth with access to 20+ Ecommerce Reports (annually) covering all major ecommerce markets , free cross border advice and access to the Cross-Border magazine.

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