Safe.Shop Logo


The Safe.Shop Logo is very easy to implement in different configurations as described below. The script to install the logo with an explanation can be found at the bottom of the page.

Side-Bar Logo on Desktop (Most Recommended!)


The Side-Bar Logo is the most visible variant to install as it is both easiest to install and customer friendly. Trust Badges are also clear to see, demonstrating the activities you are complying with when it comes to your ecommerce activities. 

Side-Bar Logo on Mobile


On mobile the logo pop-ups. The same Side-Bar Logo is shown, but smaller. 

Safe.Shop Full Logo

The Safe.Shop Full Logo can be implemented in the header, footer, product detail page and payment page. To increase conversion and enhance international trade, we advise implementing the logo script in all locations.

Safe.Shop Pop-up


If the consumer clicks on the full logo or Side-Bar logo the pop-up is shown. The amount of badges shown depends on the subscription model you have chosen.

How to implement the script? 


It should take a developer about 5 minutes to implement and test the Safe.Shop logo script. 

Add the following line to every page in the header:

<script src=""></script >



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