Safe.Shop Badge


Be part of the global movement and foster global digital trade… and make more money while you do it!

Simple implementation, comprehensive features

By implementing the Safe.Shop trustmark you not only gain permission to display the logo (via a script), you also have the ability to use the Safe.Shop sidebar. This enables users to see at a glance all the features and assurances your online store has to offer them – all in 16 different languages!

Show your customers that you are trustworthy and care about their purchasing experience

By displaying the global code of conduct, your online store states that it will abide by the Global Code of Conduct providing consumers with the following assurances:

  • The company exists
  • Know what, when & how to buy
  • What you buy is what you get
  • Prices are clear & complete
  • Right to return within 14 days
  • Your privacy is protected
  • Alreviews shown are real
  • Complaints are handled fast & fairly
  • Delivery as promised
  • Your cosumer laws apply
  • Payment is safe

Read more about the Global Code of Conduct here.

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