Asendia & Safe.Shop 


Asendia and the Ecommerce Foundation, the initiator of Safe.Shop, have been working together for years to help online retailers expand around the globe with advice, content and research.

Now, customers of Asendia, can benefit as wells and receive the Safe.Shop trust seal and review system for free.

Safe.Shop helps online retailers to increase their online sales both nationally as well as internationally with:

  • A clear Ecommerce Code of Conduct so that consumers know their digital rights, wherever they may live.
  • Instilling consumer trust with an objective review system.
  • Reduce (legal) costs by offering online dispute resolution with consumers. 

If you are an Asendia customer the only thing you have to do is register via the button below for the free assessment.

After the verification by Safe.Shop, Asendia customers are eligible for the Gold membership for free. There are no financial obligations.


Asendia is not affiliated with Safe.Shop. After registration on the Safe.Shop website, the business relationship will be between the retailer and Sales.Shop only.

Anyone accessing the Safe.Shop website, as operated by Safe.Shop, consents at the same time to accept the conditions of Safe.Shop.

Asendia accepts no liability, explicitly or implicitly, for the accuracy of the information contained on the Safe.Shop website, for the assessment provided by Safe.Shop and for the delivery of the Safe.Shop trust mark.

In no case, including gross negligence, shall Asendia be held liable for losses or damage of any kind whatsoever.

Ecommerce is Global

At Asendia we strongly believe that e-commerce is a global game. That´s why we support Safe.Shop, a global trust seal to help consumers and e-tailers shop and sell across the globe.

- Pia Elster, Marketing Manager

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