Fake Online Shops

While many online shops are legitimate, fake or irresponsible online shops still find ways to circumvent rules and use constantly evolving techniques to rip off customers. Most online shops are reliable and are compliant with the Global Code of Conduct. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all online shops. 

As an international trustmark, it is our duty to provide you with a safe customer journey which includes protections such as a returns policy. Informing consumers of the reliability of online shops is only one factor. Another is ensuring their basic consumer rights. One of the main perils of the internet is fake online shops. Ensuring you are shopping safely is our mission.

In order to keep on striving towards higher consumer protection, we are providing a list of fraudulent online shops. This not includes a global perspective, by also on a country-by-country basis, so you can check out the situation in any country you wish! Such online shops have been reported for using a trustmark on their website without certification. With this certificate of trust they are strongly seen to be reliable and legitimate.

Note: We advise you to always click on the logo itself to check if the online shop really exists in the up-to-date company list from Safe.Shop , or in other words - is listed on the Safe.Shop website as a certified and reliable online shop.  

How to protect yourself?

Most reliable online shops have adequate refund and return policies and give customers the ability to complain or even start a dispute that will be fairly handled. Both of these items are part of Safe.Shop’s the Global Code of Conduct  Be wary in case you notice anything odd or missing within the refund/return policy on websites not certified by Safe.Shop and a lack of a legitimate place to file a complaint. 
Another red flag to look out for are the available payment methods. The most trusted payment methods are secure ones, usually indicated by an easily recognisable names of providers (e.g. PayPal).

Fake Online shops

The online shops below have been reported by local authorities as potential fraudulent online shops.

www.anobleman.nl Safe.Shop 
www.caanl.com Safe.Shop 
www.algorythm.nl Safe.Shop 
www.hansengrietzuivel.nl Safe.Shop 
www.laarzenwinkels.cn Safe.Shop 
www.naaienenzo.nl Safe.Shop 

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Report logo misuse

Have you seen a website carrying the Safe.Shop logo which is not shown on our Certified Shop list? Then please report this misuse of the trustmark.

Report logo misuse

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