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Everyone wants to feel safe shopping online.

Shopping online is great! Going outside and actually going into a store? Why bother…

But looking online for that ‘must have’ item or grabbing an amazing deal can lead you to some dodgy websites. Have you ever been on an online store about to click that ‘buy button’ when the following came to mind:

  • Is the company reliable?
  • What are my consumer rights?
  • Are the products genuine?
  • Is my private data safe?
  • Are the reviews by actual consumers?
  • Will I receive what I ordered?


Where are the safest places to shop online… and where you should be a little more cautious?

Sometimes that deal that is just too good to be true is… well too good to be true! Scammers and fraudsters will always have a presence on the internet, with your personal details and cash being their target.

When looking into the Scamadviser vault of data, some of safest countries to shop from (above 90% rating) include: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Austria. However on the other end of things we see countries such as Benin, Panama and Swaziland with a more dubious reputation when it comes to its online stores. But we’re here for the best of the best! The list below contains a collection of websites that have achieved a 100% Trust Score rating on Scamadviser is a service that allows you to check any website with a simple click of your mouse.

1.  Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon. This giant of ecommerce was founded in 2004 by Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world. Innovations from the company include its Prime service, Kindle e-reader and Alexa to name a few.

2. Bazzar

The Croatian online store deals in a diverse assortment of goods including Women’s and Men’s clothing, electronics, books and more. The idea of the site, as alluded to by its name is to bring together sellers into one online ‘bazzar’. These partners are chosen by the online platform, with 150 certified sellers according to their website. 

3. Bol

This Dutch giant is the leading online retailer in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1999, and was known back then as Bertelsmann Online. The retailer sells everything from electronics to books, and has recently expanded into the food and drink category by selling beverages and alcohol.

4. Floria

Foria is all about flowers. Founded in 2010, this online store does more than just roses for Valentine’s day. Whether it’s a wedding or another special occasion, Floria has you covered for all your floral needs… and quick! The deliver in two hours using their own couriers and send you a real picture of the delivered bouquet.

5. Mercadolivre

Founded back in 1999 by Marcos Galperin, its HQ resides in  São Paulo, Brazil. The company operates in  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela. Known as MercadeLivre in Portuguese, this giant of the Latin American ecommerce market is the most popular in the region by sheer number of visitors, with 181.2 million products sold in 2016. 

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