Boost your online sales this holiday seasons with these 5 simple tips!

The holiday season represents a huge opportunity for online retailers. In the US alone, sales in this period peaked at 72,303 million USD. Customers are eager to get their hands on gifts or a cheap deal, and the rush can push convenience and price-sensitive consumers online in greater number than usual.

2018 is set to a bumper year for online retailers, with Deloitte putting forward a figure of 17-22 percent growth of online sales in the holiday period. With the ever-growing competition online during this period, you cannot rest on your laurels though! Check out the simple and effective ways to boost your online sales listed below to help you be ahead of the pack:

1.       Mobile friendly: Consumers shop on different devices, make sure your site is up to the challenge!

When it comes to shopping online consumers are choosing to use their online devices more during the customer journey. Looking to the US, mobile shoppers plan to use their mobile device to show/browse online as well as check/compare prices, read product reviews and actually perform the purchase itself. Below are just three ways in which mobile shoppers check out your online store during the holidays.

2.       ‘tis the season to give… so give!


The holiday season is often pushed as a time to visit relatives and to give to those in need. Why not make a consumer feel good while they complete their holiday shopping?

Some organisations have this as an intrinsic part of their business model. Outdoor clothing company Cotopaxi does just this, with 2% of its revenue going to tackle the problem of poverty.

There are also point of sale donation programs, which can be used to differentiate your online store from the competitors. This can be a charity chosen by yourself, or you could let the consumer themselves make that choice.

3.       Guide them and they will come…

Holiday shopping can be difficult. What to buy for the dad who has zero hobbies, or that awkward mother-in-law?

So when your consumer is confused, give them a helping hand!

By providing a clear and categorised guide based on their shopping needs you can push your promotions and the latest gifts that are hot right now. This takes the work out of their search process.

But the main draw for creating such a list is visibility. The first ‘port of call’ for a shopper is to research online for a product that would be perfect for them or their loved ones. This especially so for the holiday season.

Say for example your shop has a focus on products for gamers, your potential consumer could search ‘top gifts for a gamer 2018’. Why not create the perfect blog post or article to cater to them? This can also steer users who arrive at your site looking for a gift but have no idea about the product category.


4.       Talking about guiding them, grab them through search!


There is a time for careful thought and consideration… then there is the time for panic buying and looking at the cheapest deal. The graph below demonstrates the chasm that lies between the careful planner and the last minute frenzy shopper. (US shoppers in 2017)

By performing a smart analysis of your Google ads and SEO performance analysis, you can capture more of the potential market during the holiday season. Datafeed Watch states that search terms reports’ can be a life-saver in this regard, allowing you to categorise potentially relevant searches into four categories:

·       Seasonal searches

·       Bestselling items

·       Brand-specific searches

·       Other

From these groups, there can be a breakdown of which group(s) commanded the most ROI, traffic, revenue as well as if there was an overreliance on one group and possibilities for using more up-to-date keywords.

This analysis can then be repeated to cover organic searches and searches from within your own site.


5.       Make sure that your website is trustworthy!


Consumer’s confidence and trust when shopping online play a crucial role in their decision to buy. To drive sales boosting this confidence is key.

One way to close the trust gap for consumers when buying online during the holiday season is with a trustmark. By putting forward a trusted third-party to verify an online shop, the trust barriers consumers may have when shopping for that last minute deal can be overcome.

However, as an online shop the last thing you want to do is change a technical part of your website during this crucial period. But this doesn’t have to be the case. One example of an easy and quick implementation is our very own Safe.Shop Global Trustmark. With a simple piece of code in your HTML-header, you can be up and running with your very own trustmark.

And the best part? You can have this right now for free. The results speak for themselves, with our case study of Hobbygigant demonstrating a potential 20% increase in turnover.


So what’s stopping you?? Try it out now!

“Trust is at the core of online trade. To push cross-border ecommerce to new heights, a global trustmark is needed.”

- Manolo de la Fuente
Safe.Shop Director

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From Belgium to China

''We started in the Netherlands, expanded to Belgium and Germany and now also sell in China. Ecommerce is becoming global, faster than we think. A global trustmark belongs to global expansion.''

- GeertJan Smits, Managing Director Flinders

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