Press Release - Revealing Africa's First Trustmark

Wednesday, 23rd October – Today, the Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA) unveiled its Safe.Shop Trustmark at a breakfast gathering in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The event comes after a successful six month testing period with the Edcon websites following a vigorous verification process through the legal firm, Legalese. 

In the context of the current realities of ethereal online shopping, hit-and-miss regulators and savvy consumers, ensuring that your online commerce platform operates lawfully, is vitally important. The EFSA, using its position as South Africa’s trusted ecommerce forum, provides the Trustmark badge to ecommerce platforms who have been confirmed as being compliant with EFSA’s South African Code of Conduct Checklist, covering the appropriate regulations required of ecommerce shops in SA (eg. CPA, POPIA, ECTA)

“The EFSA Trustmark operates to bring honest, consistent and reliable confirmations about the lawfulness and trustworthiness of ecommerce stores in SA, allowing e-consumers to shop in solice knowing that such a Trustmark has only been appended to a platform which adheres to the salient requirements of SA consumer law”, said Thomas Reisenberger of lawfirm Legalese. “In conjunction with SA’s pioneering legal tech advisory – Legalese – EFSA’s Trustmark promises to bring much needed reliability and trust to this burgeoning, yet volatile, industry”.

An ecommerce trustmark is a seal, image or logo found on an electronic commerce website that indicates that the site is a member of a professional organization or has passed security tests. The trustmark is used to show approval branding of a well-known third company. Displaying an ecommerce trustmark helps online businesses show customers that they are a member of a professional accreditation organization, or show they have passed security and privacy tests. When you display a trustmark that reflects a well-known company or industry organization, it gives customers confidence and can encourage them to do business with you.

Trustmarks were introduced in the 1990s in the USA (eg VeriSign) and Europe as ecommerce started to grow. “Research has shown that a trustmark would be welcomed in South Africa and hopefully on the rest of the Continent. As we embark on the journey towards the African Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), an Africa bound trustmark is a positive move towards creating trust amongst ourselves and ecommerce”, noted Mpho Sekwele a Board Director at EFSA

In order to ensure that  an applicant’s e-shop is compliant with the EFSA’s SA Code of Conduct, Legalese legal advisory conducts all such verifications on the EFSA’s behalf. As part of the verification, Legalese checks each applicant platform against the requirements of the SA Code of Conduct, and then drafts a report for EFSA to decide whether the platform is entitled to acquire the Trustmark, or not. The applicant platform is then informed about the outcome by the EFSA, whereafter the platform is either approved to carry the Trustmark to its platform, or is advised to make changes in order to be compliant.



Media Contact:
Lauretta Ngakane – Ecommerce Forum South Africa: Head of Communications
Tel: 0824964791 Email: [email protected]


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From Belgium to China

''We started in the Netherlands, expanded to Belgium and Germany and now also sell in China. Ecommerce is becoming global, faster than we think. A global trustmark belongs to global expansion.''

- GeertJan Smits, Managing Director Flinders

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