Australia has almost doubled the B2C ecommerce turnover in less than five years. Moreover, the e-shopper penetration is expected to grow from only 0,85% in 2017 to 3,05% in 2018. 3% in less than a year.
The Africa Ecommerce Report delves into the details of the African B2C Ecommerce market, consumer behaviors and trends. The report also includes expert interviews with various experts in Ecommerce in different African countries.
This extensive study about the British ecommerce market demonstrates the growth in ecommerce adoption amongst the UK population with 16.4% of total retail sales coming from the internet (compared to 14.7% in 2016).
The global ecommerce market continues to flourish in 2017 with a growth rate of 17% and forecasted turnover of $1.85 trillion
Switzerland: 2018 Ecommerce Report (free) provides an overview of the state of ecommerce in Switzerland. This report has hand-selected data that will help both domestic and international retailers evaluate their potential for success in Switzerland.
The Netherlands: 2018 Ecommerce Report provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in The Netherlands.
Dive into the world of consumer reviews. Should your webshop use them? Which elements and characteristics are the most effective in your consumer's perception? Discover all the why's and how's in this paper with practical insights and case studies
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Trust is one of the most important factors of trade. Whether business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or consumer-to-consumer, trust is essential for a successful exchange to occur between two parties. Economic scholars around the world have chara
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- Carlo Klaasse, Ecommerce Manager Branded

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