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Our clients from across the globe are looking for proven and easy to implement growth in turnover and consumer-base for their online stores. We provide a safe online shopping experience for our clients' potential online consumers. An online store with a review system, global code of conduct, trust score and trust badges in place will increase the level of confidence online visitors have, and in turn will lead to increased conversion and order size.

At the same time, our ecommerce cross-border service will improve your peace of mind. We do this by clarifying and guaranteeing a minimum level of service and protection for your customers.

Safe.Shop trustmark provides you with the following benefits:


  • Rating System: Increase trust by allowing customers to evaluate the online store, and the ability for you to present this rating on your website.
  • Trust Score: Provided by us, this will act as strong indicator of the security and technical proficiency of your online shop.
  • Independent Arbitrator: Safe.Shop acts as a professional and independent organization for you. We are in charge of solving disputes, leading to less misuse of your complaints procedure and the avoidance of legal procedures.
  • Display compliance badges: By obtaining extra (legal) badges you adhere to doing business according to national, and/or EU law, reducing cost by not having to hire your own lawyer.
  • …and more: Upon request, we provide other solutions to increase trust, such as an online security test and a fake product scan. Each of these solutions will add an extra trust mark to your website. You can find all the solutions in our Trust Badges page. 

The Benefits of Safe.Shop

Increase Conversion & Order Size
Prevent Costs & Lower Risks
Grow Your Business Locally & Globally

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