Safe.Shop API 

Safe.Shop supports a large number of Ecommerce Platforms. If you use a different webshop system or have specific needs, you can also connect your online store or order management system directly with our Safe.Shop Review Invitation API. 

Our API allows you to send order information to us, allowing us to sent an invitation to leave a review after a specific number of days (you can configure the number of days in the Safe.Shop Dashboard).

If you have any questions about using our Safe.Shop API. Please contact us.

Instructions for Developers 

The API documentation is available on

The base url for all services is displayed below the title ({version}) The version needs to be added to the address, currently we only support version 1 (v1) of the API. So the base url would be

The documentation shows the available services (/oauth and /invites) and routes per service. For example to create an invite you would post data to

To view the details of the request you can click on the green buttons on the right side of the route (in this case the buttons with the text POST). A popup will appear with the details of the request.

The lock next to the work POST means that this service is secured with an authentication schema. The yellow box provides more info on this. In this case it means the developer would first need to request an access token through the /oauth/token route with the client credentials from the CMS that you can provide to them.

At the bottom of the request tab it shows an example of a request (in this case in JSON format) that can be posted to the route:

The tab response describes what fields are returned from the request if any (in this case we only return if the invite was processed successfully or not, through http status codes).

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