Our Trust Badges

Safe.Shop offers several badges to increase consumer trust. Once earned, the badges are automatically added to the Safe.Shop trust seal on your website.

Global Code of Conduct Certification

Certification according to the Global Code of Conduct will generate trust from consumers by providing them with quick insights into their consumer rights without having to read lengthy terms and conditions. It answers key questions such as: Does the company exist? Do I receive what I purchase? Are the prices correct? What is their return policy? The Trust Badge is available with the Silver Membership and upwards to enhance your ecommerce activities and enhance online sales.

Consumer Review System

The Consumer Review System allows you to have an overview of consumer reviews in a user-friendly format. In the review dashboard you gain insights into valuable consumer feedback whilst being able to easily manage negative and fake reviews. The badge is available for clients with the Free Membership and upwards. 


Trust Score

Your online store will be automatically scanned and scored on 30 different (mostly technical) aspects that define the possibility of a site being a legitimate and safe ecommerce site. On the basis of the results your website will receive a score from 0 (indicating that there is a big chance that it is a scam site) to 100 (no indications for being a fraudulent site are found).

Inspire trust in your customers with a high trust score. The badge is available for clients with the Free Membership and upwards. 


Safe.Shop Badge

By presenting this badge on your site you have committed to stick to the guarantees in the Global Code of Conduct of Safe.Shop.

Online Security Badge

With the Safe.Shop Online Security Badge, you show that you care about your customers' data and privacy. We periodically scan your online shop for over 100+ security risks. The planning and execution of our Security Test will always be done in close cooperation with your IT department or IT Partner. The Online Security Test is available for clients with the Platinum Membership. 

Financial Check

The Financial Check allows you to communicate that your online shop is financially stable and reliable. Safe.Shop will verify your financial performance and stability for online trade annually based on public as well as your financial data. The Financial Check is available with the Platinum Membership. 

EU Compliance Badge

With the EU Badge you indicate that your online shop is compliant with relevant European Laws. By doing so you can trade with ease cross-border in the EU and consumers from across the globe will feel safer shopping from your online store.

Certification According National Law

Certification according to national law is executed by local Safe.Shop Certification Partners. While certification according to the Global Code of Conduct makes sense if the online store sells globally, national law certification becomes a must have for you if a significant amount of your customers are living in a specific country. The Certification According to National Law is available with the Platinum Membership. 


Legal Documents

In our online store you can buy customized legal documents such as terms and conditions, privacy statements, data processing agreements, GDPR privacy notice, and cookie pop-ups, all in several languages based on different national laws. Legal Documents can be bought separately on Legal.Safe.Shop. 


Fake Product Scan

Gain trust by proving your customers that your products aren’t fake. In cooperation with REACT, Safe.Shop offers a fake (anti-counterfeiting) product scan. The Fake Product Scan is especially useful for marketplaces, comparison sites and large retailers selling a huge variety of products national and cross-border. The scan is conducted in order to catch the counterfeiting of products, copyright infringement and unauthorized use of logos and/or trademarks. The Fake Product Scan is available with the Platinum Membership. 

Climate Neutral Delivery

Consumers value sustainability more and more. You can contribute to a better world by purchasing your CO2 emission caused by the delivery of your product . The costs per package for online trade are lower than you think, only a few cents.

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''Although our brands are global, consumers not always know they can also buy our brands directly. I believe Safe.Shop can help the consumer make the last small step.''

- Carlo Klaasse, Ecommerce Manager Branded

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