Climate Neutral Shipping: stay sustainable without heavy investment



Being sustainable is not just a hot topic with your consumers – over 90% of CEOs state that it is fundamental for a business’s success. Your potential consumers are more likely to spend their hard earned money on your products if they see you are an actively sustainable brand.

By displaying this badge you can:

  • Show consumers you are willing to invest in sustainability as a core part of your business
  • Communicate your sustainability in an easy and impactful way
  • Demonstrate your sustainability credentials through a verified third-party



Carbon offsetting and Verified Carbon Standard: The world’s largest voluntary greenhouse gas programme


It can be challenging for a business, after taking energy efficiency and other sustainable measures to reduce their carbon footprint entirely. Carbon offsetting is the solution and is a more effective option in this case – this is exactly what the Climate Neutral Delivery Badge offers. CO2-emissions can be offset through the purchase of carbon credits generated by projects that are reducing GHG emissions elsewhere.  These ‘emission reduction projects’ in Asia, Africa or South-America are verified by the VCS-programme. . With the investment in these projects, you can provide better possibilities for the local population including opportunities for clean energy, employment, training and healthcare.



Go Global!

''The consumer today does not think in borders, therefore we as cross-border retailers are in dire need of a global trustmark like Safe.Shop.”

- Alon Ben Joseph, Owner Ace Jewelers Group

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