Consumer Review System


Our Customer Consumer Review System is designed to make managing reviews both simple and work for your business.


Dashboard designed for ease of use

Our system allows you to filter reviews and utilize unique order and customer IDs. This can be further augmented by personalized filters you can create in order to customize your experience to your business needs.


Bulk emails

Our system allows the ability automatically send review requests in bulk to each and everyone of your customers, saving you time (and money!).



Our system is fully Integration with the Safe.Shop API, making things easy and quick to set up. Not just that, the system is integrated with 15+ ecommerce platforms including the likes of Shopify and BigCommerce.


By utilizing this system, you can also adjust the time-delay in sending a review to a customer, making sure that customers who have longer or shorter delivery time will receive a timely review invite.


Request mediation

If you feel like you need a helping hand with a complaint, you are never alone with our online mediation service*. When you feel that a complaint requires our expertise, you can let us know with just the click of a button.


Reviews from anywhere! (with permission)

The system can be used to ask your customers whether they would like to share their reviews from other platforms, enabling you build a substantial review base in no time!


Respond quickly and easily to your customers both publicly and via email

Through our simple to use dashboard, you can sent a public reply to the customerconsumer, whilst having the option to send this reply directly to their email as well. This increases the chance of resolving any issues, and convincing users to raise their score!


Negative review are delayed for 7 days

Negative reviews are part of life. However, with our system you can try and resolve them before it ever becomes a problem! You have a full week to respond to the complaint and try and solve the issue.


So when it does go live, you can make sure you have a reply, and hopefully fully resolved the issue. If however the complaint is fraudulent or offensive, you can report it and have it removed before it does harm to your business.


Support for multiple languages

As an online business your customers can come from anywhere. Therefore we have implemented over 10 different languages for your customer consumer review invite. By localizing your message, you can maximise the likelihood of receiving a response.

*Available with our Silver Tier and above.

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