EU Compliance Badge

This certification allows both the seller and consumer to be confident in purchases that cross-border according to EU standards.

What does it mean when a seller displays the EU compliance Badge?


If a consumer has a complaint regarding an online store, and this cannot be solved through the standard customer care, Safe.Shop can step in and act a mediator between the two parties. This can mean that disputes are seen by the customer as being handled through a third party without the need for legal action.

Furthermore, consumers can be sure that you, as an online store, follow European rules on distance selling in the EU such as:

  • Charges and fees are clearly stated and agreed to by the user
  • Provide proof of purchase once the transaction has occurred
  • Offer the option for returns and refunds on the goods with a 14-day minimum period.
  • Clear ‘call to action’ to signify the completion of a purchase(buy now/pay now)


Displaying this badge allows your potential consumers to see at a glance that you are trustworthy according to their EU expectations, without having to do additional research on your website externally.



Go Global!

''The consumer today does not think in borders, therefore we as cross-border retailers are in dire need of a global trustmark like Safe.Shop.”

- Alon Ben Joseph, Owner Ace Jewelers Group

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