The Trust Score is our in-house method of displaying the trustworthiness of a website based on over 40 factors.

Why do online stores need this? A trust score helps consumers now that you aren’t an illegitimate or a scam store. Over 2 million users per month use this technology on

By collecting together information from various sources , your online store will be automatically scanned and scored on over 40 different (mostly technical) aspects that define the possibility of a site being a legitimate and safe ecommerce site. On the basis of the results your website will receive a score from 0 (indicating that there is a big chance that it is a scam site) to 100 (no indications for being a fraudulent site are found).

Inspire trust in your customers with a high trust score.

The badge is available for clients with the Free Membership and upwards.

Go Global!

''The consumer today does not think in borders, therefore we as cross-border retailers are in dire need of a global trustmark like Safe.Shop.”

- Alon Ben Joseph, Owner Ace Jewelers Group

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