Safe.Shop & Scamadviser


Safe.Shop and Scamadviser are both initiatives of the Ecommerce Foundation. Safe.Shop, is the Global Ecommerce Trustmark, helping consumers to shop online globally.

Scamadviser checks websites using 40 technical data points to determine the likelyhood a online shop is safe to buy from. 

Companies can claim their online store for free, update their contact information and manage their consumer reviews. 

The fact that a website has been claimed does NOT mean the website has been checked, verified or certified by Safe.Shop.

Please always check our search engine to determine if a website has been verified (we know the contact details of the owner) or certified according to the Global Code of Conduct

''You have to go global to survive as online merchant. Safe.Shop can help you sell easier across the world.''

- Jochanan Bax, CEO Bax Music

Expand with Safe.Shop

''Although our brands are global, consumers do not always know they can also buy our brands directly. I believe Safe.Shop can help the consumer make the last small step.''

- Carlo Klaasse, Ecommerce Manager Branded

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